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Little Bones Wings

Design studio OnePlusOne created an identity and materials for the new food truck Little Bones Wings which operates in Manitoba.


A proposed visual identity system created by young graphic designer Seth Lunsford for the Pantheon during his time in Rome, Italy.
More of the design on WE AND THE COLORWATC//Facebook//Twitter//Google+//Pinterest
The perfect blend of orange and banana. #marathon


Into the Earth, by Tom Stoddart with the ICRC

‘The people were sending their children to dig down into the earth, to try and dig for water.  So these small children would be digging down, five, six feet, digging holes into the earth and literally scooping out the filthy water that had collected in the bottom.  There would be snakes in the holes, and killer bees.

My role as a photojournalist is to give a voice to the people that I photograph…The challenge today is to make stories that transcend the millions of pictures that are shot but don’t actually say anything, to make sure that you’re giving a message through powerful photography and giving a voice to the people who are in your images.’

Please read more on the Intercross blog.

Pork buns!
Making margarita cupcakes with @jasmineallyce and @yngblkandfancy 😍😁